Rebel Girl: Isabella Blow


She is an iconic female in the fashion world who still inspires today. Before Lady Gaga there was Isabella- but those two ladies are in no way to be compared. Isabella Blow is someone who influenced people in high fashion and styled some of the greats.  Isabella lived a dream in a world that included Alexander McQueen, Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley to name a few. She was a muse for the great man behind all those crazy hats, Philip Treacy. It’s a dream that only few will grasp in this lifetime. I’ve been reading, “Blow by Blow” written by her husband Detmar Blow and its very factual and emotional. It gets you caught up in the turmoil she’s succumbed to throughout her life and it only makes you idolize her more. Then you realize no one has it easy in life. From here on out I believe Isabella’s iconic fashion, artistry and perseverance will transcend.

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