Diana Vreeland: The Modern Woman by Alexander Vreeland

With the New Year come new insights, goals and books to read. As I try to catch up on literary classics I always have my eye on the next biographical fashion book that’s out there. I love reading biographies and learning new things about real people that I just can’t get enough of. Last fall, Diana Vreeland The Modern Woman :The Bazaar Years 1936-1962 by Alexander Vreeland was released. This new book from Vreeland’s grandson shares the intimate visual idea’s that came from Vreeland’s mind and then morphed into editorial gold at Harper’s Bazaar!

In this book you will find commentery from  fashion industry favorites Edward Enninful, Tonne Goodman,Bruce Weber, Glenda Bailey and more. Mrs. Vreeland is a divine supreme who was so ahead of her time.  This gorgeous books is a definite page turner for the visual eye. Diana Vreeland: The Modern Woman by Alexander Vreeland, Rizzoli New York, 2015 is available now at Rizzoli.usa.com.

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