Bad Girls of Fashion by Jennifer Croll


There are moments when colorful visuals send an electric volt to my brain, as soon as I saw the cover art for this new book, The Bad Girls of Fashion I immediately wanted to know more about it.  Vancouver based Author, Jennifer Croll  and Illustrator, Ada Buchholc bring the worlds most courageous and fashionable women to life in this new must have.

This colorful gem flows like a historical encyclopedia of all the stylish greats.  It begins with one of the oldest fashion Goddesses to have walked this earth, Cleopatra. As you read on you’ll embark on a journey that takes you to France where you discover Marie Antoinette was Maria Antonia before she became the Queen of France. It continues on to profile many other style rebels who are not only great dressers but are hugely  empowering. My favorites are, Frida Kahlo, Diana Vreeland, Kathleen Hanna, Isabella Blow, Grace Jones and lots more. If you think you knew everything about these ladies, you might be wrong. There are so many interesting and detailed facts packed into this colorful and fun read.  I have to say, even though this is categorized as a children’s book it still makes a great coffee table book for fashion lovers of all ages.  Bad Girls of Fashion: Style Rebels from Cleopatra to Lady Gaga is distributed by Annick Press  -available for pre-order here.

*image courtesy of Annick Press.


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