Bad Girls of Fashion by Jennifer Croll


There are moments when colorful visuals send an electric volt to my brain, as soon as I saw the cover art for this new book, The Bad Girls of Fashion I immediately wanted to know more about it.  Vancouver based Author, Jennifer Croll  and Illustrator, Ada Buchholc bring the worlds most courageous and fashionable women to life in this new must have.

This colorful gem flows like a historical encyclopedia of all the stylish greats.  It begins with one of the oldest fashion Goddesses to have walked this earth, Cleopatra. Continue reading

Bedrooms with Amanda Laurel Atkins



Adulting can be fun when artist  Amanda Laurel Atkins shares her work in the form of a coloring book. Bedrooms, Atkins illustrated book is filled with detailed scenes of bedrooms. Her quirky fascination with bedrooms has been with her since she was a child. Atkins revels with the notion that a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, its your very own sanctum. I was lucky enough to interview Atkins about her art background, inspiration and a couple of other things.

When I first came across Atkins work I was attracted to the use of rich hues and artsy vintage flair. Dreamy scenes of women lost in thought with coolsville hairdos and  feminine vintage fashion are pleasing to the eye. Read on to find out more about Atkins love of blues, Frida Kahlo and where she would go if she could time travel.



Lahuntress: How early in age did you know you wanted to be an artist? Continue reading

Schiaparelli and the Moon


The cosmic spirit of Schiaparelli is back! The fall 2016 couture collection which debuted at Paris Fashion week is a star sign believers dream. The falling lines, draped fabrics and gold details are fit for an eccentric empress. Whimsical patterns, colors and appliques play nicely with the geometric cuts in this collection. My love for the moon, the feel of daily cosmic energy and this collection, it’s all a correlation to me. 

Continue reading

Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2016

slThe magical allure of the Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2016 collection comes together like the sultry song Time of the Season by The Zombies. A compilation of rock star style history hit the runway in Los Angeles on February 10th at the Hollywood Palladium. The Pre-Fall 2016  show  which was focused on the mens collection gave us a taste of whats to come for the womens Pre-Fall show premiering March 7. This show  included the first half of the womens collection. Continue reading

Diana Vreeland: The Modern Woman by Alexander Vreeland

With the New Year come new insights, goals and books to read. As I try to catch up on literary classics I always have my eye on the next biographical fashion book that’s out there. I love reading biographies and learning new things about real people that I just can’t get enough of. Last fall, Diana Vreeland The Modern Woman :The Bazaar Years 1936-1962 by Alexander Vreeland was released. This new book from Vreeland’s grandson shares the intimate visual idea’s that came from Vreeland’s mind and then morphed into editorial gold at Harper’s Bazaar! Continue reading


There’s no connection I know of between Orla Kiely’s collections and the New Order song Leave me Alone but the two are linked in my head. I view Orla Kiely’s collections as a daydream that I dont want to stray away from. The textiles catch my eye like fancy stationary in a shop that I just have to have. I will never need it,  I just want it. This past spring I contemplated on buying an Orla Keily skirt directly from their site. The thought of spending $350 on single skirt was a struggle. I spoke about this with a friend because I really, really wanted it and I got her opinion. She pointed out that the skirt was 100% silk and asked me with both hands placed stern on her hips, “are you prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for something made of 100% silk?” The thought of owning silk didn’t scare me, however the thought of spending that much money on a single item did. It’s just not part of my lifestyle right now but  a girl can dream right?

So, its been a couple of months since I had that conversation and you know what? I never got the skirt. So here I am daydreaming about owning the Fall 2015 RTW collection with the music of New Orders Leave Me Alone playing around me. Maybe I’ll shoot for next spring:

orla-kiely-011-1366 orla-kiely-045-1366 orla-kiely-042-1366 orla-kiely-007-1366 orla-kiely-038-1366 orla-kiely-030-1366 Orla KielyPhotos courtesy of


At first sight of the film A Single Man, I immediately found myself submerged into the world of Tom Ford. The sophistication and elusive emotion the film carries throughout drew me to further delve into the presence of Ford. His iconic designs  for Gucci & YSL that changed the powerhouse Gucci Group will be forever praised. His natural ability to carry out cohesive and prestigious collections is a gift to us. Fords Fall 2015 ready to wear collection is nothing short of rock star sumptuous. Elongated lines, 70’s influence patchwork, fringe and cirlce scoopnecks define my favorites below.  TomFord TomFord1 Tomford2 TomFord3 TomFord4 Tomford5 images by Allesandro Garofalo courtesty of

Chloe Sevigny- The “it Girl”

Sevigny was the 90’s “it girl” who made you feel uncomfortable in Kids, made you feel sorry for her in Gummo and was kind of forgettable in American Psycho. She was the star you adored in Sonic Youths Sugar Kane music video as she parades down NYC streets and ends up on a fashion runway. Her flair for vintage clothing and eccentric style always make her one to watch. Her most recent efforts include her 2015 S/S collaboration with Opening Ceremony (some of it’s on sale now), the release of her photo book Chloe Sevigny with a forward by Kim Gordon. Later this year we can look forward to her seeing her in the upcoming film, #Horror starring Taryn Manning and Natasha Lyonne.

Dreary LA Days

dave gahanToday’s forecast of shadowy clouds and longing breeze makes it a day to remember Dave Gahan’s 90’s fashion. Smudged eyeliner with metallic eye-shadow, long hair and heroin chic coats. We need more of this, remember when this was cool?

Garance Doré & Rifle Paper Co



Garance Doré Collection



French Fashion Illustrator Garance Doré has teamed up with Riffle Paper CO. to create some of the most gorgeous stationary ever! The new collection includes stationary sets, greeting cards, calenders, journals, note pads and phone cases. Her feminine color palette and darling fashion illustrations are little gems you’ll want to keep forever and ever. Aside from her sketching talents Doré is also a columnist for Paris Vogue and has her own style blog. Mosey on over to her style blog and check out her web series Pardon My French, here Doré takes us behind the scenes and shares a glimpse of her fashion filled world. What an extraordinary lady!