Diana Vreeland Memos:The Vogue Years


Diana Vreeland’s free spirit and colorful personality shine through in the new book, Diana Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years. If you’re a fan of fashion and the great Vreeland you’re going to want this book. The layout is filled with copies of Mrs. Vreelands memos written on lovely Conde Naste Stationary. It’s known that she was not a fan of meetings and sent out memos and daily correspondence filled with idea’s and inspiration taken from designers and pop culture. This amazing collection of memos is edited by Alexander Vreeland  grandson of Diana and president of the Diana Vreeland Estate. I am so excited to have this book that’s filled with idea’s typed up and edited in visible  marker by Mrs. Vreeland. It’s motivating me to read at least one page each day for daily inspiration. In this book you will also find beautiful photographs and contributions from former Vogue Fashion Editor, Polly Mellen and former Vogue Editor in Cheif Grace Mirabella. This great piece of Conde Naste history will also make a great gift and coffee table book, it’s a definite must read!

Diana Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years Edited by Alexander Vreeland, Rizzoli New York, 2013.


All images courtesy of Rizzoli New York.

Wildfox Couture: White Label Fall Lookbook 2013



In LA it’s been 70 degrees and its starting to feel like fall, finally! Wildfox Couture’s  pairing of  over-sized sweaters with shorts sums up California weather, where it’s never too cold. Throughout this visual promenade I love the mix of polka dots, florals and sequins. Sequins! The holidays are creeping up on us! You can see the rest of WC lookbooks here.



Rebel Girl: George O’Dowd

Technically George is not a girl, but he’s so inspiring and charismatic that it doesn’t even matter. Teenage me went through a phase where I was completely obsessed with him, his clothes his hair and his makeup. I was so lost in the world of George and it wasn’t even the 80’s, it was the mid to late 90’s. His colorful clothes and flawless makeup were a visual inspiration for me at the time. I collected posters, buttons and records, anything with his image on it I had to have.  Oh boy George you’re still inspiring people in fashion everywhere.

Mondays Rant and Rave


This morning I woke up and went for a run. Its always a good feeling to be up before the rest of the world. As I was out for a run I couldn’t help but notice all the trash that surrounds my neighborhood. Cups, straws, food wrappers, socks-yes I said SOCKS. So much shit it makes me think, don’t people know any better than to throw their shit on the street? Is it that hard to find a trash can? Apparently so. It’s LA.  My morning continued with a crazy cup of coffee from Jacks, picking out black and white stripes to wear to work (somehow I ended up looking more jailbird than 80’s Benatar) and rushing home after work to watch Madmen. Monday wasn’t so bad. Mondays aren’t bad because of Madmen. Peggy Peggy Peggy, I love her!

Versus Fall 2013 RTW Collection

Versace’s Versus line debuted in NY yesterday amongst a crowd of what is described as 90’s club kids. I wonder if anyone at the show had one of those plastic pacifiers around their neck.. remember those? The collection is a fusion of 90’s Vogue editorial spread when punk/grunge was super chic meets the costume design of Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. Love the royal blue look below makes me think of Jarvis.

versusversace_001 versusversace_01 versusversace_012 versusversace_014 versusversace_022


photos from style.com

David Bowie “Next Day”


BOWIE, need I say more. This man from another planet can do no wrong and his recent release of “Next Day” is proving it. Does this mean he may tour and come to LA? I hope so. He’s the one person I haven’t seen live on stage and would love to sing along to “heroes” in a swaying sweaty crowd of Bowie fans. Not only is his music to die for but his style is effortlessly phenomenal. If I were in London I would be super excited about the on going  David Bowie exhibit being held at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Favorite song on the new album is “Where are we now.”  As Rodney on the Roq would say “is this godhead or what?”

Get into the Swing of Spring with Orla Kiely

Watching this video fills me up with sunshine and then makes me want to sneeze. Orla Kiely gracefully shows her S/S 2013 collection in this airy film. I love the  styling and the twirling of the model throughout. Watch it and see lemons being thrown at no one, a monocle being used as a fashionably cute prop and cool 60’s architecture in the background. You’ll fall in love with the song”Darlin” sung by Erika Spring of Au Revoir Simone. The music keeps on going  and going after the film ends, its all so dreamy. I want to fall asleep in Palm Springs. Check out the rest of the S/S 2013 collection here.

Check Out! Ginger and Rosa in Theatres Now

Ginger and Rosa

I recently changed my daily routine and headed to the movies on a week day to see Ginger and Rosa. I know, I’m living on the edge. The film almost brought me to tears, I’ve always thought the people in your life who can make you  happiest are also the ones who can break your heart. The heartache is always worse when its a best friend, have I said too much? This  film is filled with cool 60’s garb and London lingo.  It also has tears, Joan from Madmen and a stellar performance from Elle Fanning. See the trailer for yourself.

Samantha Pleet: Autumn/Winter Preview

I know I know we’re all out shopping for bathing suits and spring has just sprung but I saw one look at this A/W preview and fell hard in love with it. Samantha Pleet I adore you. Check out the rest of the collection here.

Look 4 - Fragment Dress

Fragment Dress

Look 7 - Perspective Dress

Perspective Dress

Look 8 - Portrait Dress

Portrait Dress

Look 9 - Revere Dress

Revere Dress

Look 10 - Tatter Dress

My Fave! Tatter Dress

Look 14 - Cereus Dress

Cereus Dress

Look 20 - Apparition Cape

Apparition Cape

*All Photos by Andrew De Francesco