Schiaparelli and the Moon


The cosmic spirit of Schiaparelli is back! The fall 2016 couture collection which debuted at Paris Fashion week is a star sign believers dream. The falling lines, draped fabrics and gold details are fit for an eccentric empress. Whimsical patterns, colors and appliques play nicely with the geometric cuts in this collection. My love for the moon, the feel of daily cosmic energy and this collection, it’s all a correlation to me. 

In July I found myself awake in the middle of the night staring at the bright glaring moon. A mix of the nights heat and the shining moon was keeping me on a detour to my dreamland. The moonlight would slowly creep up to my window like the rise and fall of the dancing piano keys in Arcade Fire’s Reflecktor song. Has anyone else been feeling the energy?


Back to the fashion, the great Elsa Schiaparelli was known to be a huge fan of astrology and put her cosmic energy into the Zodiac Collection in 1938-1939. Current Design Director, Bertrand Guyon has brought the brand back to its former self, a divine fusion of art and fashion. View the collection here.


Runway Photos by : Yannis Vlamos