Diana Vreeland: The Modern Woman by Alexander Vreeland

With the New Year come new insights, goals and books to read. As I try to catch up on literary classics I always have my eye on the next biographical fashion book that’s out there. I love reading biographies and learning new things about real people that I just can’t get enough of. Last fall, Diana Vreeland The Modern Woman :The Bazaar Years 1936-1962 by Alexander Vreeland was released. This new book from Vreeland’s grandson shares the intimate visual idea’s that came from Vreeland’s mind and then morphed into editorial gold at Harper’s Bazaar! Continue reading

Diana Vreeland Memos:The Vogue Years


Diana Vreeland’s free spirit and colorful personality shine through in the new book, Diana Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years. If you’re a fan of fashion and the great Vreeland you’re going to want this book. The layout is filled with copies of Mrs. Vreelands memos written on lovely Conde Naste Stationary. It’s known that she was not a fan of meetings and sent out memos and daily correspondence filled with idea’s and inspiration taken from designers and pop culture. This amazing collection of memos is edited by Alexander Vreeland  grandson of Diana and president of the Diana Vreeland Estate. I am so excited to have this book that’s filled with idea’s typed up and edited in visible  marker by Mrs. Vreeland. It’s motivating me to read at least one page each day for daily inspiration. In this book you will also find beautiful photographs and contributions from former Vogue Fashion Editor, Polly Mellen and former Vogue Editor in Cheif Grace Mirabella. This great piece of Conde Naste history will also make a great gift and coffee table book, it’s a definite must read!

Diana Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years Edited by Alexander Vreeland, Rizzoli New York, 2013.


All images courtesy of Rizzoli New York.