Chloe Sevigny- The “it Girl”

Sevigny was the 90’s “it girl” who made you feel uncomfortable in Kids, made you feel sorry for her in Gummo and was kind of forgettable in American Psycho. She was the star you adored in Sonic Youths Sugar Kane music video as she parades down NYC streets and ends up on a fashion runway. Her flair for vintage clothing and eccentric style always make her one to watch. Her most recent efforts include her 2015 S/S collaboration with Opening Ceremony (some of it’s on sale now), the release of her photo book Chloe Sevigny with a forward by Kim Gordon. Later this year we can look forward to her seeing her in the upcoming film, #Horror starring Taryn Manning and Natasha Lyonne.

Rebel Girl: George O’Dowd

Technically George is not a girl, but he’s so inspiring and charismatic that it doesn’t even matter. Teenage me went through a phase where I was completely obsessed with him, his clothes his hair and his makeup. I was so lost in the world of George and it wasn’t even the 80’s, it was the mid to late 90’s. His colorful clothes and flawless makeup were a visual inspiration for me at the time. I collected posters, buttons and records, anything with his image on it I had to have.  Oh boy George you’re still inspiring people in fashion everywhere.

Rebel Girl: Isabella Blow


She is an iconic female in the fashion world who still inspires today. Before Lady Gaga there was Isabella- but those two ladies are in no way to be compared. Isabella Blow is someone who influenced people in high fashion and styled some of the greats.  Isabella lived a dream in a world that included Alexander McQueen, Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley to name a few. She was a muse for the great man behind all those crazy hats, Philip Treacy. It’s a dream that only few will grasp in this lifetime. I’ve been reading, “Blow by Blow” written by her husband Detmar Blow and its very factual and emotional. It gets you caught up in the turmoil she’s succumbed to throughout her life and it only makes you idolize her more. Then you realize no one has it easy in life. From here on out I believe Isabella’s iconic fashion, artistry and perseverance will transcend.

Happy Birthday Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow

Celebrate Mia Farrow’s birthday today! She starred in lots of classic films including Rosemary’s Baby, which was her first leading role. She is a former fashion model and her resume includes 12 Woody Allen films. One of her recent roles is in the film Dark Horse written and directed by one of my favorites Todd Solondz. His films are so unexpected and jaw dropping! If you’re in the LA area you can head down to Cinefamily tonight to see Farrow in the 1977 film Full Circle. Recently Farrow has been recognized as a humanitarian and activist. Check out her site to see what you can do to help.

*Photo Mia Farrow, May 4, 1967, age 22. Photo: Getty Images