Fashion Book Review: My Mom Style Icon

Author Piper Weiss has released her first book titled, My Mom Style Icon. The book reflects her blog site, My Mom The Style Icon , its a blog site that focuses on the fashion our mothers wore.  The author has quite a resume, she has a column in Lucky Magazine, has contributed to McSweeney’s, Glamour and New York Magazine among many others.  For her blog site Weiss takes submissions from everyday people like me and you and will upload the photo to her site and ask for a back story. Cool, right? Well I just purchased the book and the photos in here are amazing and inspirational.  Some of the woman in the photos look like the hipster kids we see today on the streets. Fashion will always be a never ending cycle.  Oh- Its also a great book to give as a mothers day gift since its right around the corner. Check out these cool pictures below from the book,  these are my favorite looks!

Fashionably Sophisticated Photo From Book My Mom Style Icon

Tres Chic Photo From Book My Mom Style Icon

70's Weddings- Photo From Book My Mom Style Icon

I Love This One- Photo From Book My Mom Style Icon

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