Sun Dreaming

Late last summer I moved 545 miles north of Los Angeles. I made the move with my fiance and its been an adventure. With the move came lots of excitement and curiousities, but it also came with the sadness of missing my best friends and family. I get it, its normal to move on and explore life apart from your family but what about your friends? I miss the casual meet ups like weekend brunches, flea market hunting and movie outtings. Its the little things I miss. Continue reading

Mondays Rant and Rave


This morning I woke up and went for a run. Its always a good feeling to be up before the rest of the world. As I was out for a run I couldn’t help but notice all the trash that surrounds my neighborhood. Cups, straws, food wrappers, socks-yes I said SOCKS. So much shit it makes me think, don’t people know any better than to throw their shit on the street? Is it that hard to find a trash can? Apparently so. It’s LA.  My morning continued with a crazy cup of coffee from Jacks, picking out black and white stripes to wear to work (somehow I ended up looking more jailbird than 80’s Benatar) and rushing home after work to watch Madmen. Monday wasn’t so bad. Mondays aren’t bad because of Madmen. Peggy Peggy Peggy, I love her!