The work below is from the advertising course, Advertising Communication COMM-4320-01 instructed by Dr. Kate Kurtin at California State University Los Angeles. The class curriculum was designed around key roles one would find in a traditional advertising agency. Over the course of the semester I researched and created work for the shoe brand Avarcas 101. Although this work was fictitious ( I was not employed by the company), my research skills and creative work is not. To end the semester we got to choose a role of our choice and apply it to any brand of our choosing. For the last assignment I chose to tackle the work of a copy writer for the brand ZOUXOU. I enjoyed learning about all of these roles and would like to find a real role in advertising as a copy writer or creative director.


Account Manager

In this role I was responsible for researching background on the client, creating mission & vision statements along with competition & SWOT analysis. You can view my work for this role here.

Copy Writer

I really enjoy creating a voice for a brand. In this role I was responsible for the explanation of the copy, how it would reach the audience, creating a timeline and the actual copy to go with it. Check out my work in this role here.

Media Planner & Buyer

This role was mostly research based, I was responsible for creating a media plan, media timeline and media budget. This role required learning how to create and measure Instagram ads. To see my work click here.

Account Planner

As account planner I did lots of research for this brand and came up with consumer segmentation analysis and worked on a creative brief. To see my work in this role take a look here.

Art Director

After all of the research it was time to see the campaign I proposed come together. Here I got to explain color choices, tone and explain how the choices I made would attract the target audience. See my work here.

Copy Writer

For this last assignment I chose to create copy for a brand that I adore and purchase from called ZOUXOU. In this role I created a tagline and explain why a print campaign will be successful for this company. To see my work click here.